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Cookie policy

Cookie policy

We warn that in we use cookies when the user navigates through the different pages of the site. When browsing or using our services, the user accepts and implicitly consents to our use of cookies. Even so, the user has the possibility to prevent the generation of cookies and the elimination of cookies by configuring the corresponding option in their browser.

If you block the use of cookies in your browser it is possible that some contents or functionalities of the website are not displayed correctly.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that Web sites send to the browser and that are stored in the user's terminal, which can be a personal computer, a mobile phone, a tablet, etc. These files allow the website to remember information that can facilitate your next visit, such as language and preferred options, as well as information about your browsing on our website. Cookies contribute to improving the experience of using the web.

What are cookies for?

The use of cookies is exclusively intended to remember the user's preferences (language, country, login, browser features, information on the use of our website, etc.)

Remembering your preferences we will know the features of the computer you are using and we can offer you a better browsing experience.
They can also be used to obtain information about traffic within the site itself and estimate the number of visits made.

Normally Web sites use cookies to obtain statistical information about their Web pages. Keep in mind that we collect data about your movements and use of our website as statistical, not personal data.

Types and purposes of cookies

Below is a list of cookies you can find in and a brief description of its purpose. We assure you that none of them keeps personal identification information about you. The cookies we use only provide us with visitor statistics.

This website uses the following own cookies:

  • SL_wptGlobTipTmp, SL_G_WPT_TO & SL_GWPT_Show_Hide_tmp (We use these cookies to make the use of the site more comfortable.) Some common uses of cookies include the ability to save browsing preferences related to the language of use of the site or the ability to share social networks links and content in the place.)
  • aceptacionCookies: Cookie to determine if you accept cookies. Its duration is one year.

Protection safeguards

The user can configure his browser to accept, or not, the cookies he receives or for the browser to notify him when a server wants to store a cookie or delete them from his computer. You can find the instructions in the security settings in your Web browser.


  • If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, in the menu option Tools & gt; Internet Options & gt; Privacy & gt; Configuration.
  • If you use Firefox, in the menu option Tools & gt; Options & gt; Privacy & gt; Cookies.
  • If you use Google Chrome, in the menu option Settings & gt; Privacy
  • If you use Safari, in the menu option Preferences & gt; Security

You can use the "Help" section that you will find in the toolbar of most browsers to change the settings of your computer, however, some of the features of our online services may not work or may be more difficult to access if you reject all cookies.

Many browsers allow you to activate a private mode through which cookies are always deleted after your visit. Depending on each browser, this private mode can have different names, below you can find a list of the most common browsers and the different names of this "private mode":

  • Internet Explorer 8 and superior: InPrivate
  • FireFox 3.5 and superior: Private Browsing
  • Google Chrome 10 and superior: Incognito
  • Safari 2 and superior: Private Browsing
  • Opera 10.5 and superior: Private Browsing

Please read carefully the help section of your browser to learn more about how to activate the "private mode". You can continue to visit our website even if your browser is in "private mode", however, the user experience may not be optimal and some utilities may not work.